The Barbecue Factory is BACK and here to STAY!

We are here to serve all your barbecue cravings and catering needs. We are located in Beautiful Rosedale North West behind Hooter’s in the Rosedale Square Shopping Center! Come join us for some eat-in or eat-out yummy Barbecue!!

Flash News Alert!!!

When we said we were back, we meant it, and with your help it came on strong and smooth! With that being said we’d like to give an official update to the home page here, along with exciting news about the restaurant!! Here in the next few months we will be going through our strongest and largest change yet! Its very exciting to share this information with you all!

In the next couple of months we will be moving into our new location, a few blocks away. This new location will allow us to accommodate more customers, with more seating possibilities and a full bar to boot! Our new location will be at 4215 Rosedale Hwy, and if you’re familiar with the area it’s where the Cactus Valley Mexican Restaurant was located.

With all this excitement & changes, we decided to add one more to the mix, one we thought would help our forward progress and give our new location a fitting name to sport with it! We will be re-imaging ourselves with the new name: BBQ Factory Steakhouse!!! Has a good ring to it doesn’t it!

So not only are we moving to a better location, and giving us a new name to go with it, we are also in need of hiring additional staff members to help us! So if you are up for it, and want to join in on this fun and exciting time, please reach out to us!

We are in need of the following positions; Bartenders, Bussers, Dish Washers, Expeditors, Hosts/Hostess, Line Cooks, & Servers! To find out more information about each of those positions, click them and view their descriptions.

As our Community Facebook page says, the renovation is in full force and moving forward. We are hoping to to be moved in and ready to go in April sometime. So like us and of course follow us on Facebook for more information as we get closer to April! And again, thank you all very much for your support and we hope to see you all soon in our new location for the Grand Opening!